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Ryan Bain

Ryan Bain

National Director

Ryan is an addiction counselor and the National IOP program director for Tree House Recovery North Carolina. Bain is a certified physical trainer and fully licensed addiction counselor with a master’s degree in counseling psychology. He uses his experience and education to design treatment curriculum that optimizes clients physically, mentally, and socially.

Bain’s expertise rests in creating action-oriented strategies a person can apply in their daily lives after rehab that prevent relapse and reduce PAWS symptoms. This includes regular physical exercise, goal-driven psychotherapy that meets a person’s individual life circumstances, and group therapy. In addition to designing this curriculum, Bain is also on the management board of directors for Sparking Life Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching and communicating the effect of physical exercise on brain development, mental health, addictive behavior, and mental acuity over time.

  • Marriage and family therapist
  • Sociology
  • Masters in counseling psychology
  • Former sports coach (all levels)
  • Sparking life management board of directors
  • Sparking Life Addiction Recovery board member.
  • Former All-American & champion athlete (football & wrestling)
  • Personal trainer

Leading by Example

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“We’re big believers in raising the bar for yourself, raising the standard, pushing on a daily basis – pushing your limits to realize that you can do more and will do more if you decide to… You do have true strength and it’s derived from your thoughts.”



Watch this video with Ryan Bain and  Dr. John Ratey, Harvard professor, explain the effects exercise has on the brain and drug cravings. They explain the science of how Tree House Recovery uses exercise for treating addiction.