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Understanding Addiction

What Is Drug Addiction?

Addiction Definition

Drug addiction, also known as substance use disorder (SUD), is a behavioral disorder that involves uncontrollable drug seeking and use. Additionally, addiction affects three main areas of health: biological, psychological, and social. Changes in the brain can lead to harmful outcomes for people who abuse drugs and can impact all three aspects of overall health. Presently, SUD is known as a chronic relapsing disorder, which means that those who suffer from addiction will relapse fully if they begin using again — even after a period of abstinence.

Understanding addiction is an important part of recovery. At Tree House Recovery, we specialize in helping those suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Our programs are designed to help our clients heal on all three levels.

Addiction starts with the voluntary act of taking drugs. After continued use, addiction occurs when a person becomes physically and mentally dependent on the substance. Then drug-seeking and abuse become a compulsion. This is due to the physical and chemical changes in parts of the brain involved in motivation and reward, learning and memory, and impulse control.

Can Addiction Be Treated?

Addiction is a treatable disorder. However, those with a substance use disorder may be aware of their problem but cannot stop on their own. This is because of the effects drugs have on the brain, known as neuroadaptation. Put simply, drug abuse rewires the brain’s reward system to equate drug use with survival. Fortunately, a quality addiction program and the support of family and friends can be effective in helping someone recover from addiction.

Substance Use Disorders We Treat

In our North Carolina center, we offer effective, evidence-based outpatient treatment for:

Our Approach to Addiction Treatment