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Alumni Program

Addiction treatment programs are crucial in helping you stop using drugs or alcohol and establish your sobriety. But their usefulness does not end there. The right kind of program can also provide you with ongoing backing for your long-term sobriety. An important option in this second category is an alumni program. Participation in a rehab alumni group gives you access to vital support from your recovery peers. In addition, it offers ready access to addiction professionals.

At Tree House Recovery, we feature a convenient, accessible addiction alumni program in North Carolina. This program helps you preserve the gains you made during your time in rehab. It also gives you a place to share your recovery journey with others who understand your experiences.

What Is an Alumni Addiction Recovery Program?

No matter who you are, it takes serious effort to complete a treatment plan for drug or alcohol addiction. Ideally, this would be all the work you need to do to maintain your sobriety. However, addiction doesn’t work that way. Its chronic nature means that you must continue to manage it over time. 

An alumni program helps you achieve this essential goal. All participants in this kind of program have completed primary substance treatment. Like you, they:

  • Face daily life struggles that can challenge their commitment to sobriety
  • Understand the importance of staying true to that commitment
  • Know that they need continued support to meet their long-term sobriety goals

Periodically, you meet with these recovery peers either in person or remotely. You also meet with treatment specialists.

Benefits of Addiction Recovery Support From Your Peers in an Alumni Program

Effective peer support is known to have a positive impact on substance recovery. This fact holds true for people who have just completed primary treatment. It also holds true for those who completed treatment months or even years ago. How do alumni programs provide this kind of addiction recovery support? Common benefits of these kinds of programs include:

  • Helping you feel less alone in your day-to-day sobriety efforts
  • Giving you a receptive forum to talk about your recovery experiences
  • Gaining perspective by hearing about your peers’ recovery experiences
  • Learning from peers who are further along in their long-term sobriety

Crucially, participation in an alumni program can also help you strengthen your commitment to stay substance-free. 

Benefits of Professional Support in an Alumni Addiction Recovery Program

Addiction experts universally recommend that you stay in touch with treatment professionals after completing primary rehab. Why is this continued access so important? First, it gives you a way to check in with a specialist who can assess your current condition. Recovery specialists can also provide you with timely counseling and advice on maintaining your sobriety. In addition, they can help you seek any further required treatment as quickly as possible. 

An alumni program is an excellent way to gain these kinds of benefits. Your program may also offer other recovery advantages. For example, it may provide a holistic setting for you to improve your general health and wellness.

Turn to Tree House Recovery’s Addiction Alumni Program in North Carolina

Need an addiction alumni program in North Carolina? Tree House Recovery is here for you. We understand the need to take a long-term view of your substance recovery. We also understand the vital role that an alumni program can play in helping you stay sober.

Holistic wellness is a cornerstone at Tree House. Our alumni program not only provides you with peer and professional support. It also places a firm emphasis on getting stronger and healthier. To learn more about our integrated approach, just call us today at 910.812.1728. You can also contact us through our online form.