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Recipe For Healthy Living

During your time in treatment at Tree House, we provide hands-on education in lifestyle transformation. In short, Tree House’s treatment programs offer a recipe for mental, physical, and social optimization. People rebuild their bodies, muscular structure, and even the basic unconscious activities in the brain through our recipe for healthy living.

All of this is controllable if you know how. Ways of thinking, being, feeling, and interacting with others can be restructured over time. With this knowledge, we empower people to overcome the pain that holds them back. We model what it is to make and maintain strong healthy bonds to the world around them, including people, places, and things that will support their health and well-being.

These aspects of healthy living result in an empowered and fulfilled life where you are the master of your mind, emotions, body, and social well-being. These things, whether you think of them as therapies or lifestyle practices, are the recipe for our program. Really, it IS our program. We teach it, we live it every day, and we show everyone in our care how to live it too in every part of our program.

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Creating A Recipe for Healthy Living

Physical Intelligence

  • Know that your body is a machine and a product of chemistry. You can change that chemistry and affect your mind and body.

  • Know that your brain experiences the world through your body and that stimulating your body can grow and change your brain.

Self-Love and Care

  • Take care of yourself.

  • Remember that the best way to practice self-love is through actions, not words. Something simple like brushing your teeth is an easy way to say “I love me” every morning.

Emotional Intelligence

  • Grow your emotional awareness every day through self-awareness and staying present.

  • Know that love is your most powerful emotional tool. Be generous with it every day.

  • Realize that your feelings are subject to change, but your relationship to them is always your choice.



  • Seek out a team of people you can trust and rely on when times are tough.

  • Build strong bonds with people who anchor you to the best parts of yourself.

  • Realize what assets you bring to a team, and share them freely as much as possible. 

  • Know that your team can be a single human being or all of humanity, and that you have the power to make that choice everyday. 

  • Recognize what assets you don’t bring to a team and allow them to be provided by your teammates. 

  • Accept that you are always already part of a team. Whether you participate in that team is a choice you make consciously every day.  


  • Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Staying unburdened from your emotional baggage is your choice. Use your tools so that pain doesn’t rule your life.

  • Never let mind-altering substances take away your freedom.

  • Stay edgy, maintain your freedom to play and experience the world at its fullest.

man writing journal about sobriety


  • Never stop learning about the world, yourself, and others.

  • Know yourself. Understand your mind and how it works so you can educate your team on how you think so they can better understand you.

Find a Recipe for Healthy Living at Tree House

The recipe for healthy living is more than a statement. It is a pathway to an identity that will provide peace, stability, and empowerment. There is a recipe for this identity and we teach everyone how to master it at Tree House Recovery.

If you’re ready for lasting change, call Tree House Recovery today at 910-812-1728. We’ll help you get started on the recipe for a healthy life.