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Polysubstance Abuse Treatment

man in polysubstance abuse treatment talks with therapistSome people in need of rehab have problems related to the use of a single addictive substance. However, quite often, those enrolled in substance abuse treatment have problems stemming from two or more sources of addiction. In other words, they’re affected by polysubstance abuse. This overlap of problems can harm your brain and body in serious ways. It can also increase the difficulty of making progress toward sobriety. Still, a well-designed treatment plan will help you achieve your goals despite the presence of multiple problems. 

Need polysubstance addiction treatment in North Carolina? Turn to the outpatient specialists at Tree House Recovery by calling 910.812.1728. We feature customized treatment plans for anyone struggling with polysubstance abuse. With our help, you can overcome all of the problems affecting you while still maintaining an active everyday routine. 

The Basics of Polysubstance Abuse 

Tens of millions of Americans have drug or alcohol problems that merit a diagnosis of substance use disorder (SUD). All of these people have symptoms of addiction, non-addicted substance abuse, or a combination of the two. Research shows that roughly one in every 10 affected people also qualify for a second SUD diagnosis.  

Until 2013, there was an official category for this overlap of problems: polysubstance use disorder. This category has since been eliminated. However, your doctor may still use the polysubstance use disorder label to describe the presence of two or more SUDs.  

Some people with polysubstance problems knowingly take multiple substances. But this may also happen to you without you being aware of it. Such a scenario is fairly common for those who use illicit street drugs. That’s true because these drugs often contain unknown additives, many of which are addictive themselves. Unintentional polysubstance intake can also occur in other kinds of circumstances. 

The Dangers of Using Multiple Addictive Substances 

The combined use of multiple substances can endanger your health in a variety of ways. That’s true if those substances belong to the same general category, e.g., two kinds of stimulants. It’s also true if they belong to different categories. Potential risks of taking substances belonging to the same category include: 

  • Speeding up your system with more than a single substance would 
  • Slowing down your system more than a single substance would 
  • Increasing your exposure to side effects common to substances in that category 
  • Significantly increasing your chances of overdosing 

There are also risks for each combination of substances from different categories. For example, the mixture of a stimulant with alcohol can lead to unpredictable changes in your mental or physical health and a masking effect that makes it harder for you to detect the impact of either substance. This masking effect makes it more likely that you will overdose on at least one of the two substances. 

How Polysubstance Abuse Treatment Can Help 

A polysubstance abuse treatment plan includes services for all problems affecting you. When you start your recovery, there’s a good chance you’ll need a detox program. You can then move on to an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. 

 The typical program provides help in the form of psychotherapy. It may also include addiction medication. In addition, you may benefit from a range of holistic treatments. Common holistic options include trauma therapy, family therapy, fitness programs, and meditation. 

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