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Relapse Prevention Therapy

woman on couch talks with a relapse prevention therapy program counselor in north carolina On the journey to recovery, there will always be challenges. At Tree House Recovery, we’ve seen firsthand how triggers like stress and cravings can lead to relapse and derail progress on this journey. Our clients build healthy coping skills as well as a community of support in our center, but roadblocks on the road to recovery remain. That’s why our relapse prevention therapy program is an important part of our North Carolina addiction treatment programs.

In our holistic treatment center, clients participate in relapse prevention therapy to address the triggers that can lead to relapse. From individual counseling sessions to support groups, we use a variety of approaches and strategies to help our clients learn the skills they need.

Whether you’ve been in addiction treatment before or are reaching out for help for the first time, you’ll find an environment unlike any other at Tree House Recovery. Call 910.812.1728 today to learn more.

Understanding Relapse

Relapse is the term used to describe a return to substance abuse after a period of sobriety. This often happens when individuals in recovery have not addressed the underlying causes of their addiction, such as depression, anxiety, or trauma. It may also be caused by relapse triggers such as environmental factors, like social pressure, or physical factors, such as cravings or chronic pain.

Whether you’re working toward lasting recovery or are supporting a loved one on this journey, it’s important to understand that relapse is not a failure—it’s a sign that further treatment is needed to address the underlying factors of this return to use. However, while relapse is common, it’s not inevitable. Our relapse prevention therapy program can help you or your loved one build the coping skills and relapse prevention strategies needed to overcome these triggers.

What to Expect in Relapse Prevention Therapy

At Tree House Recovery, relapse prevention starts on day one of treatment. Some of the steps involved in our relapse prevention program include:

  • Identifying triggers for relapse – Stress, cravings, and even an unsupportive living environment can be relapse triggers.
  • Building healthy coping skills – We help clients build new habits and behaviors that can replace relapse triggers.
  • Support group participation – Our relapse prevention support group helps clients learn from each other and create a relapse prevention plan that works for them.

Every service we offer can be a part of relapse prevention. Exercise therapy, for example, can be a way to relieve stress. For many, stress is a primary trigger for relapse—self-medicating with drugs or alcohol can feel like the best way to cope. However, when clients discover how exercise can be used to relieve stress, relapse is less likely.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to relapse prevention. That’s why we tailor relapse prevention therapy programs to meet the needs of each client. Each day, you’ll make progress towards your goals with the support and encouragement of your treatment team as well as your peers in recovery.

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Tree House Recovery offers a different approach to addiction treatment. Through treatment that takes into account the bio-psycho-social needs of each individual, we’re able to promote lasting recovery. Our relapse prevention therapy program is an important part of this comprehensive approach.

So if opioid addiction, alcohol addiction, benzo addiction, or substance abuse of any kind has taken a toll on your life, reach out to Tree House Recovery today. Our addiction treatment specialists are here to help you build the relapse prevention plan you need for lasting recovery. Call us today at 910.812.1728 to get started—we’re available 24/7 to take your call, and we look forward to helping you on your journey.