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Choosing the Right Rehab Facility

Four Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Rehab

When it comes to choosing the right rehab facility, it’s vital to research the many different options available to you. This list of four essential factors will help you choose the best possible facility for your individual needs.

With a decision this important, it’s essential to take your time to gather information and talk things over with family. Choosing an addiction treatment center is a big step in taking control of your life and beginning your journey to recovery.

Tree House Recovery is an outpatient addiction treatment center in Wilmington, NC that specializes in helping people overcome substance use disorder. If you’re choosing a rehab, use our resources and reach out to our team at 910-812-1728 to learn more.


When you speak with treatment centers, ask about their success rates. Choosing a treatment center with a high success rate will give you the best chance of attaining long-term sobriety. Find out how they define success. Every person who comes through Tree House is part of our family. We conduct regular surveys to ensure the well-being of our patients. This also helps to ensure our treatment is the best. We target high sober rates. When it comes to beating addiction, quality of life is crucial to success. We believe that building a life that you love is the best way to maintain sobriety, and our success rates speak for themselves.


88% of people who enter Tree House Recovery successfully finish the program.


% Of Tree House Graduates Still Sober After 1 Year


98% of our graduates report the ability to regulate and address negative emotions.


86% of our graduates continue the personal fitness plans from Tree House.


90% of graduates stay connected to their Tree House teammates.  


A high rating is important, but make sure to spend time reading the reviews. Look for descriptive reviews that explain why the rehab is effective. If someone truly experiences life-changing treatment, they will write more than “this place saved my life.” They will give you details about their experience.


The right credentials are important. However, life experience and healthy modeling are just as important. Look for addiction therapists that live by example. It is one thing to teach someone, but showing them how to live is more effective. Choose a rehab facility that is staffed by experienced people in sobriety who truly embody healthy living.

The team at Tree House is made up of individuals with a passion for helping others achieve sobriety. Many members of our team have gone through the addiction treatment process themselves and have attained long-term sobriety.

Justin knows firsthand what it takes to get sober and stay sober. Justin based the Tree House curriculum on his personal success in overcoming addiction.

Drawing on his experience as a sober individual, CrossFit athlete, surfer, and world traveler, Brent is an expert in teaching people to live healthy, happy, and sober lives.


Human connection plays a crucial role in healing from an addictive lifestyle. Learning how to build and maintain healthy bonds and relationships is vital to any successful recovery. Effective addiction treatment takes this into account and teaches patients how to be part of a healthy team. Understanding and building healthy relationships are the bedrock of Tree House Recovery’s approach to treatment.

Choosing a Rehab Is Made Easy at Tree House

We understand that choosing a rehab is a difficult decision. Our team is here to help you navigate the process and choose the best treatment option for your unique situation. Contact us at 910-812-1728 or reach out online today to learn more.

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