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Anxiety Treatment

woman talking with therapist about anxiety treatment program in north carolina If you’re a typical adult, you likely find yourself feeling anxious at various times during your day. To a certain extent, this is a natural response to life’s varying circumstances. However, you can only tolerate so much anxiety before it starts to harm you mentally and physically. If you pass the threshold of what your system can take, you may develop a diagnosable anxiety disorder. As a result, you may need a mental health treatment program that focuses on these kinds of conditions. 

Is anxiety impairing your ability to function or feel good? Consult the addiction professionals at Tree House Recovery by calling 910.812.1728. We feature an anxiety treatment program in North Carolina. With help from this program, you can tame your anxious feelings while recovering from serious substance problems.  

Understanding Anxiety-Based Conditions 

An anxiety disorder does more than make you feel a bit anxious. It produces a level of anxiousness that significantly disrupts your everyday life. This disruption can affect you in a number of ways. Depending on your situation, you may find yourself: 

  • Feeling extremely anxious in a wide range of settings and situations 
  • Only feeling intense anxiety in a few predictable settings and situations 
  • Dealing with random bouts of extreme anxiety that have no obvious pattern 

There are specific anxiety disorders that fit each of these symptom patterns. You may also experience intense anxiousness in ways that don’t fit the definition of a single disorder. 

Anxiety and Substance Problems 

Anxiety disorders are known for their frequent overlap with substance problems. You may have such a problem before running into trouble with drugs or alcohol. However, substance abuse/addiction may also affect you prior to any experience with extreme anxiety.  

When they’re present at the same time, anxiety disorders and substance problems don’t function as separate issues. Instead, their effects cross over. As a result, you may feel more anxious than you otherwise would. You may also suffer more heavily from excessive drug or alcohol use. 

How an Anxiety Treatment Center Can Help 

If you’re recovering from substance problems and an anxiety disorder, you need specialized treatment. In part, this treatment focuses on effective drug or alcohol rehab. At the same time, it focuses on the requirements of anxiety recovery.  

But basic access to both kinds of care is not enough. An effective anxiety treatment program in North Carolina coordinates and customizes your recovery services. That way, there’s no conflict between your rehab support and the help you receive for your anxiety disorder. 

The Importance of an Anxiety Therapy Program 

Medication is often important in effective anxiety treatment. However, psychotherapy may be the key to your recovery. That’s true because therapy can help you: 

  • Confront the things that make you feel anxious and lessen their impact on you 
  • Change thought and behavior patterns that tend to increase your anxiety 
  • Deal with stressful situations without succumbing to your anxious feelings 

An anxiety therapy program and a medication regimen often coexist. Medication may not help you deal with the underlying causes of anxiousness. However, it may help ease your symptoms. 

Contact Tree House Recovery’s Anxiety Treatment Program in North Carolina 

Want more information on how an anxiety treatment center can help during your time in rehab? Consult the specialists at Tree House Recovery. We’re happy to provide greater detail on the need for coordinated treatment of anxiety and substance problems. 

Tree House provides help for anxiety and addiction on an intensive outpatient basis. Our approach allows you to seek advanced care while staying active in everyday life. It also provides you with fully customized treatment plans. Get your recovery started today by calling us at 910.812.1728 or completing our online form