5 Benefits of Holistic Treatment for Addiction

To recover from addiction, you need treatment that focuses directly on your substance-related symptoms. However, today’s public health experts understand that this alone is not enough. In order to maximize your recovery odds, you need holistic treatment. This is the term for a whole-person approach that addresses all aspects of your health and wellness. Research shows that holistic programs provide you with a range of benefits in your effort to regain your sobriety.

What Is Holistic Treatment for Addiction and Substance Abuse?

At one time, addiction was viewed as an isolated health issue in affected people. As a result, treatment programs had a narrow focus that centered on addiction symptoms such as:

  • Loss of control over substance use
  • Drug or alcohol withdrawal when substance use stops or falls off quickly
  • Rising tolerance to the effects of drugs or alcohol

However, over time, the working model for addiction treatment began to change. This change was sparked by a realization that addiction affects all areas of a person’s life. During recovery, you need more than just direct treatment for your addiction-related symptoms. You also need treatment that takes a comprehensive, or holistic, view of your overall well-being. 

Your physical health is just one component of your well-being. Just as important are your mental and emotional health. All of these factors have a significant impact on addiction recovery. Unaddressed issues with any of them can potentially reinforce or worsen your drug- or alcohol-related symptoms. For this reason, they can make it harder for you to get sober and stay sober.

A holistic approach takes your physical, mental, and emotional health into account. In this way, it can help uncover significant problems that might otherwise go undiscovered. It can also help uncover personal details that have a bearing on your ability to achieve and maintain sobriety. 

Types of Holistic Treatment for Substance Abuse and Addiction

Holistic treatment for addiction and substance abuse can take a wide variety of forms. Common options include:

  • Tai chi, yoga, and other mind-body exercises
  • Meditation and/or relaxation programs
  • Trauma therapy
  • Nutritional support programs
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Music therapy

These treatments don’t take the place of main recovery options such as medication and psychotherapy. Instead, they work together with those options in a coordinated fashion. They also provide benefits that might not be available to you any other way. This is what helps make such treatments holistic. You may also sometimes see them referred to as complementary or alternative treatments.

Benefits of Holistic Treatment

What are the benefits of holistic treatment for substance abuse and addiction? The specific benefits can vary from person to person. However, recognized potential advantages of a holistic approach include:

  1. Achieving spiritual and emotional wellness, as well as physical wellness
  2. Being treated as an individual, not as a so-called addict
  3. Increasing your motivation to actively participate in your treatment
  4. Improving the odds of meeting your treatment goals in rehab
  5. Boosting your chances of staying sober long-term

As a rule, benefits such as these overlap. Therefore, they support your recovery in multiple kinds of ways. 

Learn More About the Benefits of Holistic Treatment at Tree House Recovery

Want more information on the benefits of holistic treatment for substance problems? Talk to the specialists at Tree House Recovery. We’re glad to explain the many ways you can benefit from a holistic approach.

Holistic treatment is a core component of Tree House’s recovery model. No matter your situation, we have options that can help support your recovery. To learn more about our full range of services, just call us today at 910.812.1728. You can also reach us through our online contact form. 

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