Tree House Recovery NC

Karen Willock

Karen Willock

Family Program Director

Karen Willock has 37 years of experience working with people recovering from addiction and their families. After overcoming her own addiction, Karen began passing on what she’d learned from her struggles, specifically to parents of those in recovery struggling to thrive instead of survive in the face of their child’s addiction. This is what led her to develop Tree House Recovery’s National Family Program.

Her specialty lies in teaching parents how to maintain healthy boundaries and thoughtfully respond to their children’s addiction instead of falling back on old patterns. Karen has studied the neuroscience of addiction extensively to understand the best ways to help people. Her method is all goal-oriented—figuring out what would help people live the best life possible and how to get them there.

  • CADC II (certified drug and alcohol counselor)
  • 37 years of counseling experience
  • Certified in the 20 Concepts