What Are the Benefits of an IOP?

If you’re affected by substance use issues, you need help to recover as quickly and reliably as possible. However, your specific level of need may not be the same as other people in recovery. In addition, you may require a treatment option that allows you to maintain an active lifestyle. One potential option in these circumstances is an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Programs of this type come with a range of potential benefits for busy people with drug or alcohol problems.

What Is an IOP?

Addiction experts are well-aware that people in recovery have diverse needs. Whenever possible, they seek to match those needs to the level of available care. Some people need the round-the-clock services provided by inpatient care. In contrast, others can recover in outpatient care.

However, not all people who qualify for outpatient care are the same. In fact, their needs can vary greatly. For this reason, there are three kinds of outpatient programs:

  • Standard programs
  • IOPs 
  • Partial hospitalization programs, or PHPs

An IOP provides you with at least nine hours of treatment help each week. The upper limit on weekly treatment time is 19 hours. This level of care supports recovery from mild-to-moderate cases of substance addiction. 

Benefits of IOP


Many people who know they need drug or alcohol treatment don’t seek help. This is true for a variety of reasons. In many cases, a major factor is the belief that effective treatment takes up too much time. And to get that treatment, you must forgo other important life responsibilities.

A key advantage of an intensive outpatient program is avoiding this kind of scenario. IOPs provide you with considerable flexibility in scheduling your daily routine. As a result, you can undertake your recovery while still meeting your important obligations.

No Unnecessary Time in Residential Care

As a rule, standard outpatient care is insufficient for mild-to-moderate addiction symptoms. However, symptoms of this severity typically don’t call for residential treatment. By enrolling in an IOP, you can receive effective support for your recovery. At the same time, you can avoid an unnecessary stay in a residential program.

A Strong Support Network

Friends and family can be crucial allies in your quest for sobriety. With their help, you can:

  • Avoid the isolating effects of addiction
  • Get the support you need to weather the ups and downs of recovery
  • Make it through moments of crisis that could threaten your sobriety

By their design, IOPs make full use of strong support networks. In this way, they help you stay on track outside of your treatment sessions. 

Reduced Costs

Even with insurance, substance treatment can be expensive. The typical IOP is much less costly than the typical residential program. The savings you receive by entering an IOP may help motivate you to seek needed treatment. And in some cases, treatment might not even be a realistic option without these kinds of savings. 

Find the Benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Program in North Carolina at Tree House Recovery

Wondering if you might be a good fight for an intensive outpatient program? Contact the professionals at Tree House Recovery. We’re standing by to explain the criteria for this level of addiction care. We’ll also help you determine if your situation falls within those criteria. 

Tree House offers a convenient, accessible intensive outpatient program for North Carolina. Our Wilmington center provides you with the tools you need to overcome addiction. At the same time, we can help you get the full benefits of the IOP approach. For more information on treatment at Tree House Recovery, call us today at 910.812.1728 or complete our online form.

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